The Firm

Our firm was founded by attorney Friedrich-Karl Scholtissek under the name Scholtissek Rechtsanwälte. It was expanded to include attorney Dr. Florian Krause-Allenstein as partner.

In 2008, the joint-practice law firm for construction and architectural law was renamed Scholtissek Krause-Allenstein.

We are a highly specialized and exclusive law firm focused solely on the area of construction, architectural, and construction insurance law. In these practice areas, we advise large and medium-sized architectural firms and construction companies, investors, project developers, property developers, property owner associations, and private clients nationwide.

Our philosophy is to offer comprehensive consultation that addresses the client's immediate interests, but also looks beyond the problem at hand.

We therefore help to resolve the pending conflict, while ensuring that future problems can be avoided. Rather than centering on litigation, we seek sustainable, commercially reasonable, and timely dispute resolutions where possible, and advisable.

We approach the law conservatively. Instead of offering false hopes, we show you the opportunities and risks of your individual case in advance so that you have a sound basis for deciding whether and how to pursue your objectives.